Why Choose Pass?

Why Choose Pass?

What does “Always On Time…Or You Don’t Pay a Dime!” mean for you?

When you’ve got a heating or cooling need, the last thing you want to do is wait around for hour upon hour for a service technician. Well, with Pass One Hour, your wait is OVER!

In most cases, when you request regular service from Pass One Hour, we’ll give you a three to four hour window in which we’ll arrive. However, as you can tell by our name, we understand that your time is valuable – and you don’t always have such a window.

That’s why we offer a designated number of Guaranteed Service Appointments each and every day, backed by our slogan “Always On Time…Or Your Don’t Pay a Dime." And not only that – these guaranteed appointment times also come with one-hour time windows. There’s a slightly higher evaluation fee associated with this type of appointment, but we guarantee to show up in the agreed-upon one-hour timeframe, or the entire cost of your repair service is FREE – even if we’re just one minute late.

Ask about our Guaranteed Service Appointments today! Call (618) 988-8688.

Here’s a litany of other reasons you’re going to call Pass One Hour:

  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Five – yes the number 5 – guarantees
  • Our technicians are amongst the best
  • Up-front pricing with no hourly bill
Other customers seem to agree Pass One Hour are the guys to call.

Why You’re Choosing Pass:

24-Hour Emergency Service

Guarantees and Pricing

Kind Words

Our Technicians

Up-Front Pricing